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Writing and Directing


In April Tara directed 'I Love My Love' by Fay Weldon at The Tabard Theatre (click HERE to watch the trailer) which received five stars from the Chiswick Herald. She is currently directing the pilot for sketch comedy series 'twitface'. 


In August 2015 Tara directed the Edinburgh festival run of NewsRevue at The Pleasance Courtyard. Here's what The Sun said about it:


An excerpt from NewsRevue Edinburgh 2015  'Gays are going to the chapel', written and directed by Tara

In 2014 Tara directed a very successful run of 'NewsRevue' and was then chosen to direct the 2015 Edinburgh festival run. In 2013 Tara directed 'Playing Our Part' which was performed at The Chelsea Theatre. It was based on 'The Seven Ages Of Man' by Shakespeare, had a cast of over 40 people from six professional artistic groups and six disabillity groups. 


To the left is a short film that Tara directed, which came out of being involved in the 3 minute film project, working with talented people from all different fields. The 3 minute film project is designed to encourage people to try things they haven't done before and not get too caught up on being 'perfect'. 


Tara has written a play, a children's book and was co writer of a children's feature film. She worked with Flying Bark (Australia’s leading producer of quality children's animated entertainment) writing sketches for a potential TV series and continues to write stand up and comedy pieces regularly. She is currently co-writing a comedy series with George Johnston. 

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